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Tribal Warrior Skull

If the need arises for a decorative skull sculpture to grace a shelf or table this one would be a good choice. This collectible skull has tribal patterns on it's bone colored surface then a dark patina wash is applied.

The Carved Tribal Skull is 5 1/2" tall for $29.

Indoor. Resin.

1Tattoo>Skull Dish

Color is as shown, price is $19.

Indoor. Imported.

1Tattoo>Skull Stash Box

Color is as shown, height about 2", length 5 1/2" $29.

The lid has magnetic latches to hold the lid in place, felted base.

Indoor. Imported.

Ancient Skull

"Ancient Skull"

Ancient Skull is is about 5 1/4" tall for $26.00 each (three are pictured).

Indoor / Outdoor. Imported. Resin.Sorry -- Out of Stock.

Skulls do more than just protect the brain -- they also stimulate the mind. Often symbols of mortality and power, they have been employed in human ceremony, ritual, and art for tens of thousands of years. People worldwide have used skulls to express ideas about both life and death -- from skulls and other artifacts unearthed in prehistoric burial sites to skulls used today in art and logos.

Terminator Skull

Terminator Skull, or Robot or Machine skull is $64.00. Sorry -- Retired.

Terminator Skull is about 6" tall.

Color is Bronze. Excellent workmanship (click on photo for larger view) -- you will want this piece!

Indoor. Imported.

Designed by nature nearly 500 million years ago to protect the brain. A model of mechanical efficiency, each of the skullšs features is built to support specific functions, including locating food, eating and sensory intake.

'Bones' Hand Mirror

"Bones is one fine 'looking glass."

The 'Bones' hand mirror is $19.00.

Bones is about 10" long.

Color is as shown.

Indoor. Imported.

Small Celtic Skull

"Nicely done -- good details and a finish that looks like pewter."

Small Celtic Skull is $9.00. Sorry -- Retired.

Color is as shown.

Indoor / Imported.

Bronze Flame Skull

"Small, heavy, Bronze finished Skull."

Bronze Flame Skull is 3" tall for $24.00. Sorry -- Retired.

Cold cast Bronze finish. Color is Polished Bronze.

Indoor / Imported.

Today, the skull is as popular as it ever was. In movies, games, literature, comics, and tattoos, the skull continues to gather different symbolic implications as the creative imagination of the artist lets loose. Some designs are humorous, some macabre, some threatening.

Crystal Skull

"The Crystal Skull looks pretty cool when a light behind makes the skull glow."

Crystal Skull, large is $34, small $14. Click on the photo to see a larger picture.

Indoor / Resin. Imported.

Carved Aztec Skull

"Carved, bone color skull with Aztec markings."

Carved Aztec Skull is a decorative skull -- a must for anyone's skull collection!. Size is about 5 1/2" tall for $34.00.

Color is as shown.

Indoor / Imported.

Human Skull Replica

"This is a very good replica of a male human skull. It is cast in plaster. The jaw is not attached."

The Skull itself is about 7" tall, 8" front to back, with a stand and base, price is $189.

Color is as shown.

Indoor. Made in USA.

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